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Swiss cheese:
Swiss cheese is another of Switzerland's specialties, which tourists are sure to enjoy during a visit to Switzerland. It’s one of unique facts about Switzerland which is particularly popular with the Swiss people, for whom diary farming and cheese making are important traditional occupations, Swiss cheese is more than just a food item, it is a way of life. Eaten with almost every meal, Swiss cheese is known for its distinctive taste, its characteristic appearance of a yellow slice with holes and its aromatic smell. Along with the Swiss Chocolate, Swiss cheese too is a product that is exported from Switzerland to delight the palates of food lovers around the world.

Swiss Chocolate
Swiss chocolate is internationally recognized for its excellent quality. The high content of superb cocoa butter, which gives chocolate its smooth, creamy, texture and the high standards of manufacturing make Swiss chocolate a sought after commodity worldwide. Milk chocolate is a Swiss invention that has won the hearts of food lovers worldwide, including the Swiss people who have among the world's highest rates of chocolate consumption.

Switzerland is a skier's paradise and the best things to do in Switzerland when in the region. With some of the best ski slopes in the world and a number of ski resorts with options for all levels of skiers. The rich and famous of the world spend the winter swooping down the snow-clad slopes of resorts such as St Mortiz, Davos and Klosters. From slopes for beginners to Olympic skiers Switzerland tours offer the best skiing in the world. Enjoy skiing in Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Switzerland is known as a hiker’s paradise. The best time to go hiking in Switzerland is during the summer and autumn, from May to October. Nature trails, hiking paths, trekking routes and Alpine mountaineering tracks are clearly marked with colored signposts all over Switzerland.

The Swiss Alps are famous as mountaineer's paradise in Switzerland. The Matterhorn is considered one of the toughest peaks in the world to climb and the entire Alpine region offers mountaineers many opportunities to test their bodies and minds to the limit while mountaineering in Switzerland. The Swiss Alps are an important physical feature, which influence the climate and ecology of Switzerland.

Swiss Castles:
Though the country is known for its scenic beauty, Switzerland also has a rich history that still lives in the majestic castles that adorn its landscape. While in the country the visitors with a passion for history can go on a tour to explore the land. Standing proudly for centuries, the castles in Switzerland have never failed to amaze with their sheer grandeur and elegance. A trip to Switzerland is never complete without touring the majestic castles in Switzerland.

Swiss Train Travel:
Switzerland is known worldwide for its efficient railway network along the scenic routes where the trains are run. Apart from high-speed trains, Switzerland has a number of mountain railways including quaint cogwheel trains and funicular trains that are popular with tourists. Visitors come from around the world and enjoy the train rides through scenic mountain views provided by the Glacier Express and Bernina Express on tours of Switzerland.


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