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Switzerland history takes you to the 13th century when three cantons of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden came together in 1291 to protect their borders. This resulted in the foundation of this wonderful country. Later on, the cantons of Glarus, Zug, city states of Lucerne, Zürich, and Berne also joined them in 1353 and formed the old federation of eight states which lasted till much of the 15th century.  However, the expulsion of Zurich from the federation in 1440 due to a conflict over the territory of Toggenburg tainted the history of Switzerland to a great extent. This conflict is known as Old Zurich war. 

After the war, the federation became more powerful and wealthy especially because of the victory over Charles the Bold of Burgundy during the 1470s and the success of Swiss mercenaries. In 1847, an important event helped making a proper constitutional arrangement in Switzerland. And that event was nothing but the civil war between Catholic and Protestant cantons. This civil war prompted Switzerland to adopt a federal constitution in 1848. After the establishment of federal constitution, extensive amendments were made in 1874 which resulted in the distribution of federal responsibility for defense, trade, and legal matters. Rest of the matters was left to the cantonal governments. And since then Swiss history has been witnessing continuous political, economic, and social improvement.

Today, Switzerland is one of the oldest democracies in the world. It has 26 cantons which enjoy broad and autonomous powers. The country follows a federal administration with a federal government which is lead by a seven member council. The presidential term is rotated amongst member for one year. Bern is the place where the legislative authority of Switzerland exists. Council of States and the National Council are two chambers that constitute the authority. Representatives from 26 cantons of Switzerland are the members of the Council of States.

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