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Not so long ago, Zurich was famed for being the cleanest, most icily efficient city in Europe: apocryphal stories abound from the 1970s of tourists embarking on efforts to find a cigarette butt or food wrapper discarded on the streets - and drawing a blank every time. But there's a lot more to Zürich these days than its obsessive cleanliness: this most beautiful of cities, astride a river and turned towards a crystal-clear lake and distant snowy peaks, has plenty to recommend it, not least bars and clubs as hip and varied as those in more celebrated European cities.


Zurich Tourist Attractions
  » Chocolate Factory

Visit the chocolate factory which produces Lindt and Sprungli products. Here you will be able to visit the location where some of the most famous chocolates in the world are created. If anything, it is the perfect place to sample such scrumptious treats. Admission is free to enter this attraction.

  » Botanischer Garten, Universitat Zürich

When you visit these gardens, you will encounter over 15,000 living species, including some rare displays from New Caledonia and Southwest Africa . When you reach the herbarium, your head will spin from trying to identify the three million plants found throughout.

  » Alpamare

Visiting this attraction, you will have the pleasure of romping about Europe 's largest water park. This funland is open daily from 10am to 10pm. Kiddies who are between the ages of three to six will enter free. Sorry, children age two and under are not allowed in the water.

  » Knie's Kinderzoo

Found on the north side of the castle hill, you can bring the kiddies to enjoy a day at the zoo, which is run by the Knie National Circus. The children especially like the trained dolphin shows, pony rides and miniature railway rides.

  » Zoologischer Garten

You will find 2,200 animals of about 350 species from around the world, when you decide to stop by this attraction. Don't forget to check out the aquarium and an open-air aviary. Animals including red pandas, and snow leopards, tigers and Indian lions can be found at this zoo.

  » Bahnhofstrasse

Come to the busiest street in Zürich, where you can browse designer boutiques, as well as plenty of other shopping options. Take note that this area is open only to pedestrians and trams.

  » Friedhof Fluntern

Come visit the final resting place of the great Irish writer, James Joyce. You will also be able to pay your respects to Elias Canetti, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1981, found to the left of Joyce's. You can also visit the grave of Johanna Spiri (1827 to 1901), who wrote the story Heidi, found at the Central Cemetery .

  » Grossmünster

Come to this cathedral site, which was built between A.D. 1100 and A.D. 1250. This cathedral is dedicated to the patron saints of Zürich, decorating with an impressive display of red and cobalt-blue stained glass windows. When you venture up the tower, you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the city.

  » MUSEE SUISSE - Swiss National Museum

The castle-like building houses the most comprehensive collection of artifacts pertaining to Swiss cultural history. One of its focal points is the prehistoric age, particularly the New Stone Age: Especially worth mentioning are the ancient wheels, which were found in Zürich and are considered to be among the earliest ever found, the Celtic artifacts and those of the early Middle Ages. The Middle Ages collection comprises significant artifacts from the world of chivalry and a large collection of wooden church sculptures, panel paintings and carved altars. The rooms housing the historico-cultural tour on the first and second floors have been newly designed. Especially worth visiting are the historical rooms as well as the monumental fresco by Ferdinand Hodler Retreat of the confederates at Marignano. Several times a year, topics relevant to society are dealt with in special exhibitions that are put together in cooperation with other museums.

Switzerland Tourist Places
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