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The Italian flair of Switzerland is Ticino. The Mediterranean region seems to begin on the southern side of the Alps . There is a feel of Italy, with palm trees at clean beaches and lanes and alleyways leading to piazzas and churches. But the Alps are always close by. Mountain tours that start in snow, ice and rock, end in balmy chestnut forests. Gentian blooming on Alpine pastures and wooded hills rising to high peaks on the shores of Ticino's lakes contrast with rich camellia on lakeshore promenades. If you want la dolce vita, search no more - it is waiting for you in the numerous sub-tropical parks and gardens.


Ticino Tourist Attractions
  » Etnografico museum of Valmaggia

It has center to Cevio, in the fraction dictates of old Cevio, nucleus formed from a beautiful group of great bourgeois houses in proximity of the church of S. Giovanni Batiste. It was opened in 1963 in knows them of the Franzoni palace, made building to construct to the beginning of the ' 600 from Giovan Franzoni Angel, chancellor of the baliaggio of Goes them Maggia. This building has been completely restored and restructured in 2002. A cunicolo underground it allows to pass from the ground floor of the palace in the wine cellars dug under the enormous hard sandstone that erge to ridosso of the museum. It possesses three other utilitarie constructions of great interest: to a foot of the near mountain the "Grotto of the sun", therefore called for the decoration that of it adorns finestrella the circular; on limiting of the court, towards mezzodi, the seicentesco press; to Sonlerto, in Val Bavona, one "torba" or granary built up to the end of the ' 400.


  » Museum of Castelgrande

South of Castelgrande is found in the wing, one restored ducale fortress from architect Aurelio Galfetti in years 1980-91. In the historical-archaeological section we find one synthetic presentation of the 6500 years of human presence on the hill, from the first neolithic village to the 20, century (collection of cinquecentesche coins, testimony of one mint of the three cantoni primiti to you). Of the historical-artistic section it makes part a nucleus of designs to moderates on paper (1470 ca.), than in impreziosiva origin the ligneo ceiling of one fastosa quattrocentesca dwelling of the city center, demolished in 1970.

  » Cantonal Pinacoteca Giovanni Züst

The cantonal Pinacoteca Giovanni Züst collects works of artists from the XVII to XX the century, original of the lands that in the 1803 came to constitute the Cantone Ticino, or that however they had with they tightened relationships; in particular it numbers works of seventeen painters then, collezionate from Giovanni Züst (Basel 1887-Rancate 1976) and from he donated (1966) to the ticinese State. The apex of the collection is represented from Giovanni Serodine di Ascona (1600-1630) and from Giuseppe Petrini di Carona (1677-1759), personalities that occupy a place of Association of Bologna in the art of respect centuries to you, for which can very dirsi that the Pinacoteca, if also of peripheral location, is proposed to an international attention. Of other part the museum possesses a deep tie with its small earth, the Mendrisiotto, that it can boast a beautiful patrimony of culture, for the presence of a local painter but of spirit and not provincial value, Antonio Rinaldi di Tremona (1816-1875) with very 100 paintings and 196 designs, which testify of a vital art, even if not perhaps emergent, in the panorama of the Italian 1800's, with sometimes amazing tips.

  » Civic museum of Fine Arts - Ciani Villa

The civic Museum, from 1933 located in the prestigious center of Ciani Villa, represents one of the museali truths of greater prestige in the Cantone and it is asserted today tutt' like magnetizing center of the ticinese cultural life. Beyond to the rich patrimony of ticinese art of the collection, the Museum introduces works of internationally famous artists which Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Henri Rousseau, but also Serge Brignoni, Ferdinand Hodler, Pier Francisco Mola, Giuseppe Petrini, Giovanni Serodine, Vincenzo Sail, Ossip Zadkine. The artistic developments of the Ticino are document from birth of the Cantone until to the days in particular ours. Passing through the works of Carl Bossoli, Antonio Ciseri, Antonio Rinaldi, Bernardino Paste, Giovanni Antonio Vanoni, century is reached the protagonists of the cantonal artistic scene of the end of XIX - beginning XX which Edoardo Joke, Adolph Feragutti Visconti, Filippo Red Franzoni and Luigi.

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