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Basel Switzerland may be the least appreciated big city. It's quieter than Zürich, less international than Geneva, and farther from the Alps than Bern. Yet Basel in Switzerland is second-largest city, and its wealthy patrician families have nurtured a tradition of scholarship and art since the Renaissance. The fact that Basel has more than two dozen museums for a population of 200,000 makes it clear that this is no ordinary provincial town.


Basel Tourist Attractions
  » Fischmarktbrunnen

The most beautiful fountain in Basel : -
The Fischmarktbrunnen, built towards the end of the 14th Century, was quickly heralded as the most beautiful fountain in Northern Europe. The fountain is dodecagonal, with a Gothic centrepiece, the original of which can now be found in the Historical Museum . Above the four solid gargoyles, stand angels either with musical instruments or weapons. The large figure represents Peter, Mary, and John. The other smaller figures are other saints and prophets.

  » Münster

A beautiful view : -
Two slender towers characterise this red sandstone church. Climb at least one to appreciate the stunning view. Although Münster Hill was already inhabited by the time of the Celts, the present late-Roman/early-Gothic building was mostly constructed in the latter part of the 12th century. In 1356, five towers were destroyed in an earthquake. The famed humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam is buried here. The Roman gate is notable for its many old stone figures.

  » NT- Areal

A new home for culture : -
What used to be a goods train station is now a venue for culture. You can only get to the NT-Areal by foot and because of the lorry-traffic it can be a bit dangerous at times. Once you have crossed the carriageway you walk to the intersection Erlenstraße/Mattenstraße and head towards the iron fence. Once you have walked along the dead straight passage in front of you, past the silos you will find the 'Areal'. The aim of the Areal, which has a gallery and a 'Labo' (laboratory) is to link up "innovative and urban thinkers and projects into one pool of knowledge to promote city regeneration". There is also an eatery, the upmarket Erlkönig and a watering-hole called the NT-Lounge where people often go when they have finished their meals. Various events and parties are also held here during the year.

  » Spalentor

Magnificent city gate : -
The expansion of the city in the 19th century meant the end of the medieval walls and its seven entrances. However, the most beautiful of them, the Spalentor, remains. Erected in the 14th century, this gate still possesses a very impressive oak portcullis. Just inside lies a copy of the city's customs decree of 1795, a great piece of history. The gate is adorned with beautiful glass tiles and humorous 15th century figures. The originals can be viewed in the Museum of History .

» Martinskirche

Bells galore : -
High above the Rhine you'll find the Martinskirches, hidden away in the maze of streets that compose the Old Town . Even residents of the area around are confused when you ask for directions to the church. As with many other churches, different parts of the Martinskirche date from different peiods. Only the chancel and the bottom of the tower survived the 1356 earthquake. In the following decades the church was rebuilt. In 1928 paintings from 1370 were uncovered. The church, with its 3 naves, is famous for its acoustics, and is often used for concerts. The bells of the Martinskirche ring the Autumn Fair in and out every year.

» Antoniuskirche

Concrete church : -
The Catholic Antoniuskirche is one of the earliest examples of a church made of concrete. Built in 1925-1927, this church was designed by Karl Moser with his passion for novelty, which he displayed well into his 70's. The church is obviously influenced by industrial buildings. The bright interior can be compared with an aircraft hangar. Most of the building is at the smae height as those surrounding it, only the 70 metre tall north tower provides a view.

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