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About Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the dream tour destinations for all. A tourist planning for a Switzerland Tour is always inquisitive about the basic information about the country. Its appearance, its beauty and charm though to be explored during a Switzerland Tour; still some degree of familiarity has to be attained to experience the zenith of enjoyment. In the whole of Western Europe , which is thronged by the travelers during the vacations, Switzerland attracts the maximum tourists every year. Here under we are providing you the information valuable for you while your Switzerland vacation. The credit of Switzerland being high on the tourism chart goes to the Tourism Department which is active since years to make Switzerland the most preferable tourist destination.
History of Switzerland
A tourist planning for a Switzerland Tour should essentially know the history about switzerland of and the form of government in the country to anticipate the roots of its customs and culture, helpful during the Switzerland Tour beyond doubt. In the whole of Western Europe, which is thronged by the travelers during the vacations, Switzerland has the rich legacy to boast of. Here under we are providing you the information valuable for you while your Switzerland vacation. Just go through to acquaint yourself with the rich heritage Switzerland owes to.

Switzerland was formed in the year 1291 when the three cantons of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden joined together for the common purpose of protecting their borders. Switzerland is one of the oldest democracies in the world. The number of cantons in Switzerland today has rose to 26 since the union was formed. These 26 cantonments maintain broad and autonomous powers. Switzerland follows a federal administration with a federal government led by a seven-member council. The presidency is rotated among the members for a one-year term. The legislative authority of Switzerland is in Bern . It constitutes of two chambers, the Council of States and the National Council. The Council of States comprises of representatives (Two members each) from the 26 cantons of Switzerland. The National Council comprises of 200 deputies elected dorectly by the people.

Switzerland is world famous for its Alpine scenery, which offers tourists many opportunities for trekking, mountaineering, skiing and other adventure sports and winter sports. Switzerland is one of the best winter sports destinations in the world. Switzerland Tours offers you complete details of interesting facts about switzerland. Walking Tours are a favorite pastime of tourists in Switzerland and are a great way to get to know the spectacular Swiss countryside.

The heart of Switzerland is formed by the Alps. In the north, they are composed of limestone, marl and dolomite, in the centre the crystalline massifs consist mainly of granite and gneiss, and schist and rock deposits form the mountains of the south. Thus each region has its typical characteristic landscape which can be traced back to a bygone period of the earth's history, in particular to the Ice Ages. Today, the glaciers in the Swiss Alps number around 1,800 and cover an area of 1,340 km². The largest of them are the Aletsch, the Gorner and the Fiescher. Agricultural exploitation of the Alps, with an average altitude of 1,700 metres (5,100 feet) above sea level and around one hundred peaks reaching a height of 4,000 metres (12,000 feet), is restricted by the natural conditions and cultivation is limited to the valley floors and sunny hillsides. Whereas the favourable conditions of the central and Southern Alps permit fruit farming and wine-growing, livestock-raising and dairy farming prevail in the other regions.

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